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I please you to handle this documents confidential and secretive and to observe the general decrees of data protection. Furthermore i please you not to do modifications on this documents and in the case of not interest to delete. Thank you.


Radio- Television Technician (Certificate of Capacity by office for apprenticeship in canton Schwyz, Switzerland July 2000)
Profession School Sursee, Luzern, Switzerland on one day per week and four
days per week in the company Expert Kälin respectively Expert Abegg in Goldau, Schwyz,
Switzerland during August 1996 – July 2000, repair of multimedia electronic devices with
scheme, oscilloscope, multimeter and other tools and help in the sales area. Certificate
of capacity. 5.2 final grade. best grade was 6.


- repair of multimedia and industrial electronic devices (part step)
- use of Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Signal Generator
- read, understand and draw electronic schemes
- solder (SMD, conventional electronic parts)
- lead a smaller branch
- plan and realize a satellite television system
- plan and realize a home entertainment system
- customer service
- advice of customers
- Microsoft Office
Birth date: 16. November 1979
Birthplace: Luzern, Switzerland
Nationality: Swiss (CH)

Sex: male
Sexual attitude: hetero
Marital Status: not married, single
Children: no
Disabilities: no

Confession: roman catholic
Political mental attitude: FDP

Parents: Jakob (electronics technician and mercantile) and Verena (dressmaker and seamstress) Hofer-Zingg
Brother: Martin Hofer (born on 02.05.1977)


- 10 finger typing system, medium to high speed
- administrator and user of the operating systems Windows XP, 2000, 2007 (user), 98, 95, 3.1, Dos
- Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007
- firewall configuration Windows Firewall, Norton, GData
- system configuration like registry, services, IPSec, netbios,  system performance, backup,
administrator tools
- experiences with the file formats .txt, .doc, .xls, .bmp, .jpg,  .pdf, .sys, .bat, .exe, .wav, .amr, 3gp, .mpg, .zip and more
- Internet Explorer configuration and use
- data encryption like Truecrypt
- backup like Windows Backup, Norton Ghost, Winzip
- creating smaller networks, LAN / WLAN
- IBM ThinkPad support
- other software like .pdf Creator
- hardware configuration, Laptop and PC
- firmware hardware update of devices like mobile phones, digital cameras, printers   


- English oral sufficiently to well / writing enough to well / daily for working / home using / courses
- French oral and writing beginner level
- German oral and writing very well


Job Ideas 
Repair of electronic devices, Sales, Call Center


04.02.15 - 06.05.2015            for a Time Work Firm     Freiburg, Germany

Test Technician

Responsible for testing electronic devices.


27.12.14 - 03.02.15            unemployed 
Searching for employment


21.11.14 - 23.12.14        Propartner                    Freiburg, Germany
Temporary Packer (Post office by a private company) (100%)

Every day I packed the post of a private company to deliver on customers.


01.11.14 – 30.11.14      Breisgau Medienvertrieb      Bad Krozingen, Germany
Temporary Daily News Paper Deliverer (Mini Job)

Early in the Morning in November 2014, i delivered the daily news paper.

01.09.14 – 31.10.14      unemployed 
Searching for employment

01.03.14 - 31.08.14        SWR Engineering                    Schliengen, Germany
Technician of production (100%)
Produce and partly repair of sensors and evaluation devices.

01.05.12 – 31.08.13      Info Tech Solutions      Feldberg, Germany
Technician (70%)
Produce and repair of vehicle board computers and other electronic devices. The amount of work was not enough to work fulltime.

01.06.11 – 01.05.12      unemployed 
Searching for employment in Europe and Worldwide.


June 2011  
I was gone to EU to search a Job.


01.03.11 – 31.05.11      Auto Electrical Repair      Goldau, Schwyz, CH
CEO and founder (100%)
Tried to start my own firm in the car electrician business. The firm was accepted by the federal department of economy in Switzerland.
01.08.09 – 28.02.11      Self employment      CH
Radio- and Television Technician (100%)
Repair of TV’s, radios, CD players, tape recorders, amplifiers, computer monitors and other electronic devices with help of multimeter, oscilloscope and scheme.


01.02.09 – 30.06.09      Angel Telecom      Baar, Zug, CH
Technical Assistant (100%)
As a technical assistant in the network operation center (NOC) (six months probationary period). Preparation, documentation and testing of new voice over IP (VoIP carrier) customers. Error analysis of VoIP connections with using of switch applications. Customer correspondence mainly in English. Create and update of technical Excel sheets. Daily work with Windows XP, Excel 2003 and 2007, Outlook 2003 and 2007. Administrator privileges. Employment reason: to strengthen the NOC. Termination of my employment by company (after five months).


01.02.08 – 31.01.09      Tempobrain      Zürich, CH
Promotion Salesman (100%)
Temporary worked as a salesman for promotion internet products.


05.11.07 – 31.01.08      Wasserwerke Zug        Zug, CH
Temporary Sales Consultant / Branch Leader (100%)
As a temporary sales consultant for telecommunication and energy products in a limited employment by the company Wasserwerke Zug. Lead a new opened branch. Advertise customers. Contracts issued. Capture new customers in the corporate system. Employment reason: Test of the new opened branch in the Christmas-new year's time. Termination of my employment by company (temporary contract).


09.10.07 – 04.11.07      Tempobrain      Zürich, CH
Promotion Salesman (100%)
Temporary worked as a salesman for promotion internet products.


01.09.07 – 08.10.07      General Electric      Zürich, CH
Service Technician (100%)
Operates as a service technician for break free power plants in the General Electric Company. Maintenance and repair of equipment. Employment reason: alleged an employee was transferred to another branch. Termination of my employment by Company.
06.06.07 – 31.08.07      Tempobrain      Zürich, CH
Promotion Salesman (100%)
Temporarily worked as a sales consultant of telecommunication products in the company Tempobrain. Advertise customers. Advice to customers. Sales of telecommunication products. Contracts issued. Employment reason: to strengthen the sales staff. Termination of my employment by me.
01.12.06 – 05.06.07      unemployed 
Searching for employment in Europe and Worldwide.
01.02.06 – 30.11.06      AVS Systeme      Hünenberg, Zug, CH
Service Technician (100%)
Operates as a service technician in the company AVS Systems for the media technology, visualization, building control and information systems, responsible for the customer for all service and maintenance, equipment modifications, adjustments and piquet. Employment reason: to reinforce the one man repair department, amount of work vague. Termination of my employment by company.


01.09.05 – 31.01.06      unemployed 
Searching for employment in Europe and Worldwide.


01.01.03 – 31.08.05      Komax AG      Dierikon, Luzern, CH
Electronic Engineer (100%)
As electronic engineer in the company Komax in the electronic test area, with responsibility for repairs and testing various control boards of cable processing machines with the help of oscilloscope, multi meters and various computer systems based on the scheme, write complete test instructions, spare part procurement. Employment reason: to reinforce the repair department. Termination of the contract by me. The company pressured me to terminate my employment self.


01.10.01 – 31.12.02      ECR AG      Rotkreuz, Zug, CH
Repair Technician (100%)
in the electronic test area of the company ECR worked as an electronics engineer, set up automatic test systems, test and repair of electronic assemblies for medical devices with use of the oscilloscope, multi meters and various computer systems based on the scheme, spare parts procurement. Employment reason: to reinforce the repair department. Termination of my employment by me.


04.12.00 – 30.09.01      VA Tech SAT      Hünenberg, Zug, CH
Technical Assistant (100%)
In the electronic test area of the company VA Tech Sat worked as technical staff, built facilities in the test area, assistance in the execution of client projects. Employment reason: there was a general staff for technical tasks sought. Termination of my employment by me.


All persons who have signed the certificates

Territorial infantry soldier, mountain infantry in the Swiss Army
grade: private first class
status: no more accompanying

10/07/2000 - 23/10/2000                      

territory - infantry school 209 Airolo, Tessin, Switzerland

30/04/2001 - 18/05/2001                      

1st repeating course

17/02/2003 - 07/03/2003                      

2nd repeating course

23/04/2004 - 14/05/2004                      

3rd repeating course

05/09/2005 - 23/09/2005                      

4th repeating course

26/06/2006 - 14/07/2006                      

5th repeating course


Walk through woods and meadows with my dog Aki, body building, jogging, weight training, summer sports, U.S. cars, computer, Tamiya RC cars, technology, billiard, television, watching movies, playing chess, military vehicles ships and planes


My best friend

is are my dogs, Labrador male, name: Bud Hofer and Rottweiler male, name: Aki Hofer, died in September 2016

date of birth 21 August 2007,

birth place Germany, tattoo

and micro chip, vaccinated periodic

my dog is for me my family, my best friend and the best dog in the world. I am proud of my dog.


Other schools

March 2004 - March 2005            

technical school ZTI canton Zug Switzerland, electronics engineer and technical computer science, aborted.


July 1992 - July 1996                  

high school Switzerland


July 1986 - July 1992                  

ground school Switzerland


Driver's license                         

issued in Switzerland on 19 February 2001

to drive cars, motorcycles and vehicles up to 3.5 tons



repair and maintenance works on engines and chassis electrical, emission control system, breaks, steering, suspension, exhaust, engine, automatic transmission, cooling system


I like the movies                       

Predator 1, Simpsons, A-Team, Knight Rider, Behind Enemy Lines, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger


I see gladly this movie stars

Val Kilmer (The Saint)

Owen Wilson (Behind Enemy Lines)
Chris Tucker (Rush Hour)
Jim Carrey (Me, myself and Irene)
Ray Liotta (Phoenix)
Brad Pitt (The Mexican)

Mike Myers (Austin Powers)
Tom Cruise
(Mission Impossible)

Bruce Willis (The Sixth Sense)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Predator)
Carl Weathers (Predator)
Bill Duke (Predator)
Tony Jaa (Ong Bak)

Elizabeth Hurley-Warne (Bedazzled)
Angelina Jolie-Pitt (UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Tomb Raider)
Julia Roberts-Moder (The Mexican)

Elizabeth Shue-Gugenheim (The Saint)

Claire Forlani-Scott (Meet Joe Black)

Bipasha Basu (India)


I like this music

Easton Corbin

Britney Spears

Beyonce Knowles (The most beautiful black singer)

Christina Aguilera (UN Ambassador to the World Food)

Justin Timberlake

50 Cent

Snoop Dog




Body high                       

71.26 inches or 181 centimeter

Hair color                       


Eye color                        


Special mark          

scar under the nose from a operation, I had by birth a cleft lip. The life for people with this beauty mistake is heavy in Switzerland


Health condition                        

healthy and athletic, no disability, no smoking, no drugs, no alcohol 


I like           

my dog, my car, cars, Victorinox, Tamiya, movies, chess,  military vehicles, military ships, military planes, motor sport, monster trucks, communication, people which not lying me on, people which not harassing me, facts, people which not try to push me in own mistakes


My own car            

1995 Chrysler Grand Voyager SE dark blue – purple, I could tow a trailer - my CV is for me the best car in the world. I am proud of my car.


In 1992 as i was a 12 and a halve year old boy my uncle took me to a journey to Florida

USA. The journey went from Miami to Orlando with stops in the Cypres Garden, Epcot Center and Kenedy Space Center. We drove with a big bus. It was for me a very big impression. I had fun during this journey and all people were friendly to me. The Kenedy Space Center was for me the best. The big rocket Saturn V was like a house. It is the biggest rocket in the world also in this days. This rocket is 101,6 meter high.

I was also in Germany, France (Nice, Calais), Monaco, Italy (Belaria) and Spain

(Benidorm, Alicante)






please send me an answer regarding my application to all email address which I have. Thank you.



Date of the CV 01.08.2019